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In a frenetic world, luxury is often seen solely as a choice of material goods. We believe that luxury goes beyond that. Our aim is to take you on a journey into the luxury of things and mind.

“The wealth of knowledge is the key to unlocking the real luxury: our Ego.”

Pari Space Vision is more than a company, it is a vision. We are a passionate team that has made luxury culture an art by creating projects that are based on the uniqueness of the luxury of objects, tastes and knowledge.

The culture of luxury is not just a lifestyle, but a way of thinking. It is the continuous pursuit of beauty and excellence in every aspect of life. It is the appreciation not only of beauty and the gratification of our aesthetic self but also the love of art, history, science and philosophy. It is the desire to never want to stop learning, growing and getting excited.


Pari Space Vision believes in the ultimate value of culture and history. There can be no true future-oriented luxury without a solid foundation in our past. Culture, when conceived as a moment of inner growth, is the emblem of personal luxury. This is why we have also decided to take on the creation of important art collections and to organise temporary and permanent exhibitions. Luxury is in what we wear and use, but it is also in what we represent with our history.


Pari Space Vision strongly believes in the values of solidarity. We look to the future, we look far, but we cannot forget the problems that afflict our dear Earth. That is why Pari Space Vision is always promoting campaigns aimed at social welfare.

For every article we sell we make a donation to Treedom and we are proud to support the Nadia Toffa Foundation for Cancer Research.


Dubai is a completely future-oriented reality that is investing economic and human resources in imagining and designing the world to come. Pari Space Vision shares this vision and indeed sees a correlation between Galileo Galilei’s gaze towards the future and that of His Excellency Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktum. This is why we are working to organise a major exhibition dedicated to Galileo Galilei in Dubai. This exhibition will only be the first step towards the opening, in Dubai, of the great Museum: ‘Galileo in the mirror’, which will be the first and largest museum in the World dedicated to the great Tuscan scientist and the development of the modern scientific method.


the luxe of excellence
Angela and Roberto Di Pietro author’s sorbets
treat yourself with the luxuryof an author’s sorbet.

The experience that comes from this dedication results in a product that goes beyond mere ice cream. Where lux is not just the ability to use money, but the privilege of being sure to have only the best. It is a privilege for the taste, and a pleasure for the senses.
The Author’s Sorbets created by master ice-cream maker Angela and Roberto di Pietro invite you to immerse yourself in a dimension of sophisticated pleasure, where quality is sovereign and luxury is an experience to be lived.
The choice of luxury ingredients such as the best wines in the World or the ele- gance of gold combined with the most expensive coffee, or the rarest dates have given birth to this journey into luxury and tastes that are master’s Angela and Roberto di Pietro sorbets. The selected wines, including Sassicaia, Don Perignon and Chateau D’Yquem, have conquered the most influential critics’ hearts, excel- ling in the most prestigious rankings such as the Wine Spectator.

We are also preparing a line with a choice of the ten best Italian wines that we will present during the biggest Italian wine exhibition, VINITALY 2024 in Verona


Pari Space Vision is the owner of the world’s largest collection of Galilean iconography. With this collection, it is our goal to create the first and only museum in the world completely dedicated to the great Italian scientist who, before his great astronomical discoveries, is also a person who was able to see the future and rewrite the way science and knowledge are done.